JUEI HSING HWA Industry Co., Ltd. (JHH) persists in core beliefs of Reliability, Sincerity, and World View over the past 50 years. These beliefs base JHH firmly in Taiwan, and lead us to create the good reputation to compete with the developed countries in the And also achieve the management beliefs for sustainable business.


The spirits of JHH are reliability practicality and impregnability. And always seeking the truth brings the energy to the company. To pursue "zero defect" by working specialization and high efficiency .


With a credible and trustworthy company culture , humane management , customers first, and the principle of honesty, JHH builds up a co-existence idea between the company and the employees to contribute to a bigger and brighter future . By pursuing new technology and innovation developed research ,JHH is able to improve the productivity as well as the global competition efficiently with macro-vision.

Conflict Minerals Statement

As a good corporate citizen and in taking a stand on corporate social responsibility and respect for international human rights, JUEI HSING HWA Industry hereby wishes to make the following statement with regard to conflict minerals. This refers to minerals which are sourced from areas of armed conflict, illegal mines and poor mining environments.

JUEI HSING HWA Industry is taking and will take steps to avoid using conflict minerals in the parts, materials, and products it provides, and request that all suppliers should investigate whether any Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and other metallic materials in their products are sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the mines in the areas of the nearby armed forces. If thought necessary JUEI HSING HWA Industry will require suppliers to provide the survey information. JUEI HSING HWA Industry guarantees not to purchase conflict minerals and will continue to monitor this issue in order to improve these mineral sourcing issues.